Blackwell Structural Consultants has been providing a wide range of structural engineering services to several sectors of the construction industry for over 25 years. Blackwell Structural Consultants use the latest structural design software and Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing packages and work to the latest building regulations and design codes, producing work of a standard to rival any engineering practice in the country. Forward-thinking and cutting-edge technology combined with practicality and knowledge born of experience make us one of the leading Structural Engineering practices in the heart of the UK.

Blackwell Structural Consultants has the resources to create an in-house team for larger projects, ensuring that there is always a point of contact available and guaranteeing your project our best attention.

Blackwells has their own in-house server, benefitting from nightly cloud backup to guarantee data security and specialist IT support which includes the latest protection from malware and viruses. In addition to the software that you would find in most modern businesses, Microsoft Office, Sage ACT, Sage Instant, we use the following specialist software to deliver first-rate engineering solutions.

We use Tekla® Tedds design software to efficiently create accurate, easy-to-check calculations for our projects. We also use Tekla® Fastrak software to model and analyse specific elements of a structure such as complex connections or portal frame structures, giving us, our clients and fabricators clear, detailed information.Blackwell - Tekla software sample 1


Blackwell - CAD software sample 1Autodesk’s AutoCAD® has been the backbone of Architectural design and Engineering for over a decade. Computer Aided Design allows an accuracy that hand-drawn designs can’t aspire to. Our close relationship with dozens of architectural practices enables us to share drawings at a design stage, ensuring that everyone is working to the same design specification. Blackwell Structural Consultants employs three full-time technicians, each with years of training and experience in using AutoCAD to produce technical drawings to the highest standard. The benefits that having detailed, accurate drawings for your project are too many to list.



Blackwell - Tekla Software sample 2Tekla® Structures and Tekla® Structural Designer make Blackwell Structural Consultants BIM level 1 compliant. Powerful analysis software that we can bring to bear on large-scale commercial projects to 3D model structures in detail down to the last bolt. Detailed analysis and rationalisation of the design can save the client thousands of pounds in fabrication costs and the collaboration and information flow at design stage ensures that we achieve what the client requires from the outset.


Construction Design and Management (CDM)

Blackwell - CDM Software sample 2Construction Design and Management (CDM) are the regulations introduced in 2015 that form the recognised standard across the industry. CDM works on the principle of “Teamwork not paperwork”, replacing the outdated practices of compiling pages and pages of unread documentation.

We have written some guidance, intended for homeowners looking to engage a contractor to do some building work for them, which is available here: [Link to essential information document here].

At Blackwell Structural Consultants, we pride ourselves on providing thought-through and job-specific design solution for each project. As part of that, we will always endeavour to provide a design that minimises the risk to site workers and is as easy to install as possible. Risk can never be eliminated entirely, but by considering carefully the implications of our designs and maintaining a constant and honest dialogue with contractors, we do our part to keep people as safe as possible.

Blackwell - CDM software sample 1